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You guys, I read the funniest thing.


Please read it



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A Few Thoughts on Valentines Day


We choose to not do anything big for Valetine’s.

This is our prerogative.

I have nothing against the holiday. This year I monitored what was being said about it on social media and there is a lot of cynicism and jadedness around Valentines.

Yes Captain Obvious, we know Valentine’s was created by the card industry to sell cards.

But dude, MOST if not ALL holidays are fake. They were all made up.

Then tell me, why is there no call to arms against Mother’s day or Father’s day huh? They also require us to celebrate some form of love and buy cards and gifts.

Should it be obvious why people choose to cast a net of negativity around Valentines?

Anyway, show love.

And forget these downers.


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What I Like

I have realised that with social media, it is very easy to be swayed.

Example: I like Spoken Word. I spend countless amount of time on YouTube watching Spoken Word. Many people make fun of spoken word. They dislike it. People whose opinion that I enjoy reading dislike spoken word and I could see how them opining derisively about spoken word could make me change my opinion about it.

But I do not.

Why should I change because a vast majority do not like this thing that I do?

I see this a lot when it comes to music or books or movies…. People will talk TRASH about something I enjoy and I am there like


If that is what you feel… well and good. I mean… Speak it…… I liked it so…. yeah. Whatevs.

The worst are the people who not only did not like it, but try their hardest to question why you would. Like dude…. NO.

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I believe…..

  • That there is beauty in honesty.
  • That love is awesome.
  • That learning doesn’t end.
  • That most times, silence is golden.
  • That society is messed up.
  • That knowing and learning myself if one the of the best things I ever did with my time.
  • That sometimes you can’t help but do the same thing over and over expecting different results.
  • That the book is always better than the movie.
  • That people do stupid, nasty, really bad things in the name of religion.
  • That (most) Christians are pretentious.
  • That friends are awesome.
  • That family ≠ friends.
  • That you need to question things.
  • That some of the worst people are those who use “tradition” to further their nonsense.
  • That we need to have faith in ourselves.
  • That we do not need that validation we have been “taught” to seek.
  • That time should not be spent on things and people who do not matter.

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Nairobi Restaurant Week

Last year, due to work, I was not able to fully participate in Nairobi Restaurant Week because I had to travel for work. This year, I WAS SO READY! What!!

And we really enjoyed it! I am not going to do many posts about the restaurants since I did the reviews on Instagram. Please check the reviews on there. I am just going to summarise the overall experience in this post.

We went to the following restaurants:

  • Talisman
  • Emerald Garden Thai
  • About Thyme (I went with my friends to this one as opposed to the hubby)
  • Secret Garden
  • Seven
  • Sikia

My points on the restaurants:

  1. I had not eaten in any of the restaurants except for About Thyme.
  2. The only fine dining restaurant we went to was Sikia at Crowne Plaza (I don’t care for when restaurants try to pass themselves off as Fine Dining. I am looking at you Brew and Sierra)
  3. The only bathroom I went to was at About Thyme so I will NOT be reviewing bathrooms (Sorry guys, I forgot to check out the bathrooms)
  4. The best food was at Talisman. FOR SURE.
  5. The worst food and a restaurant I will NOT be going back to was Emerald Garden Thai. They also had the worst service.
  6. Sikia and Talisman are at the top for best service.
  7. I was pissed that I had to pay for parking at Secret Garden. Do they usually validate?
  8. Also, this NRW affirmed the need to make reservations. I saw people be turned away at Seven because it was fully booked and some had to wait at Secret Garden because it was full.
  9. I made all the bookings (except for Sikia, I called the restaurant directly) on the Eat Out website. (I was not paid to say this…. I liked being able to book online)

Did you guys participate in NRW? Did you enjoy?

This was my favourite picture :-)



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The Holidays

Last year through to January 7th this year, we went to Sweden and Holland for Christmas and New Year.

If you follow me on Instagram, this is obviously not news but I wanted to post some pictures on here so yeah!


IMG_20141222_144615 IMG_20141222_122441




And then Holland

IMG_20150104_173219 IMG_20150104_162848 IMG_20150104_155025 IMG_20150104_142050 IMG_20150104_141415


More pictures on my IG @CiikuMrsBabes



Last year I found out why my stomach would sometimes be messed up. I have lactose intolerance. Basically this means that I am unable to digest lactase which is milk and all its derivatives. Mine is quite extreme since I know people with lactose intolerance who can still eat cheese and ice cream. I cannot have either. AND IT SUCKS! I seriously don’t even miss ice cream but cheese? I miss cheese.

In the same wave length, my good friend has gluten intolerance.

Anyway, I have come to realise that having these issues in this country SUCKS because we have little choice. So I have a question, how many of you out there have any allergies to food and/or intolerances?

Please comment.



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