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Random Fridays


  • Links
    • Fighting the disease. Here
    • Out of the ashes of apathy, Kenya must rise. Here
  • Yaani, is GoK serious?
  • Their response to Garissa and everything else has been abysmal.
  • Using silence as a tool?
  • And also the prayer day?
  • Just utter bullshit.
  • But this is what happens when you have a president who is reluctant to lead.
  • The whole platform was the ICC case, no?
  • Matiba has sued Moi for torture!
  • About time too!

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So I stumbled upoin this section on The Guardian online newspaper where people write Letters.

The section is called: A letter to and the tagline is The letter you always wanted to write.

So I got to thinking: If you could write a letter to anyone about anything – who would you write to and what would you write?

Here are two I liked:

1. A letter to … my mother, who doesn’t know about the divorce yet. Here

2. A letter to … my parents, who wouldn’t come to my wedding. Here

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This Video

This is by no means a review of Maurice Kirya’s music or even this video.

I follow Mr. Kirya on instagram mostly because of his facial features and so when he announced that he has a new video out, I checked it out. And I like it.

And it made me think:

  • Why do many Kenyan musicians keep insisting on singing in English? How many times have we listened and loved songs that are not in English?
  • I think one of the things I love most about Elani is them singing in Swahili. There is something so……… sigh inducing about a love song in swahili.
  • How awesome is the traditional dancing in this video?
  • I have been telling hubby that I want to see a Kenyan video with traditional dancers, so when I saw this I was SO SO excited.
  • I like how the video is done.
  • I will be sampling the album on itunes.

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I really thought about a title for this post but nothing seemed fitting.

A while back, I read the book “men explain things to me” which is a book by Rebecca Solnit and the main essay went viral and can be read here. It basically birthed mansplaining whose meaning according to Wikipedia is where a speaker’s reduced respect for the stance of a listener, or a person being discussed, appears to have little reason behind it other than the speaker’s assumption that the listener or subject, being female, does not have the same capacity to understand as a man or should not be given the same respect as a man.

In short: a man explaining something to you, whether or not they have the knowledge, assuming you do not know because you are a woman.



AFTER I read this book, I started paying attention to instances of mansplaining. And it really has started to amuse me how much mansplaining happens on social media and in real life. Seriously, have a conversation with (some) men and see the cluelessness with which they explain things to you.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to things to do with femininity and being a woman.

Do it.. and get back to me. (And read that essay).

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One hundred and forty seven lives lost.

Our government has failed us.

It really pissed me off that

  • this could have been prevented
  • the government are treating this as another PR moment
  • that THEY still don’t seem to see!

But being pissed off and not using this anger for something will not help this country further.

We are angry and this anger needs to mean something.

And not in the usual manner where Kenyans forget.

We cannot forget.

We cannot.



I have been saying that I wanted to go to Mombasa.

And we finally did. Last week.

It was a short stay of 2 nights but it was better than nothing and I so needed it!

I am hoping the hubby gets around to posting the pictures he took last week but in the meantime, some of mine:

IMG_20150325_102929 IMG_20150326_110145 IMG_20150326_125029 IMG_20150326_154034


We got a really good deal from Whitesands and also because it was off season!

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Random Opinions

  • Fight Club and Poisonwood Bible, though highly acclaimed books, I found to be TERRIBLE.
  • I think it is ridiculous how fast food is so expensive in Kenya!
  • When it comes to Kenyan music, we should move away from hyping that someone has released music to discussing whether the music is good or not.
  • In the same tangent, we need to get away from the “at least” mentality (at least he released a song).
  • We need to have criticism on products and services in this country. I am pretty done with people being paid to push product without giving honest feedback about them.
  • Getting married is not an achievement.
  • is your friend. Stop exposing your ignorance.
  • In the same tangent, stop waiting to be spoon fed information. Do some flipping research!
  • I think a paid dating site would work in Kenya. Think match dot com.
  • It is becoming clear who doesn’t read. And I am not even talking about books here…. even essays online, blog posts… etc. You can tell someone who still has socialized opinions.
  • We need to stop watching stupid shows for the purpose of bashing them online. Can you imagine if people stopped going for and watching Churchill? We can only hope that show is cancelled.

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