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Random Fridays


  • Links
    • Unhoming Kenyan Women. Here
    • This. Here
    • This is how we date. Here
  • (Those last two links are related as my friend pointed out)
  • I am not going to say that choices are bad.
  • But there is a way that thinking you have too much choice is bad.
  • I was wondering why even though I declared to myself that I am back to blogging
  • That I am unable to do it consistently.
  • Have I outgrown blogging on here???
  • Sometimes I think so.
  • I will keep thinking about it.

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Have you ever?

You guys, have you ever read something that makes you second guess everything you ever thought?

I did:


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Do our actions represent what we value?

It may seem like a simple question but really, it is not.

We say what we believe it and all that, but do our actions mirror our beliefs?


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On Women

This >


Or alternatively,  click here

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I cannot take it with people who would want us to believe that the reason our parents stayed together is because they were in happy marriages.


Do you have honest conversations with your parents?

Or would you rather not know?

Or would you rather believe some lie to further what you want to THINK?


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Random Fridays

My loves, I know I have been terrible…. I said i was back to blogging and then I went silent. In my defense, accessing wordpress from my desk has proven to be difficult and also, my mind is STILL all over the place.

However, I am going to do better. I need to do better.

In the meantime, some links:

  • The price of black ambition. Here
  • Women friendships. Here
  • Closing the book Here
  • Toni Morrison and Angela Davis on Creativity Here
  • Fornicating in Nungua: A Feminist Desire For Sexual Gratification Here (Only certain people will appreciate this one so I left the title for you to decide if it is something you want to read)

I am also getting into podcasts and so if you want a Kenyan one here is a one:

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You guys, I read the funniest thing.


Please read it




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