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Why me

I had an issue with my laptop and the IT help desk guy totally messed it up further by accidentally deleting my documents.

So it has been one of those weeks.

But I have had time to calm down and I kind of recovered some of my documents so I am currently OK.

And you guys?

How are you?

Are you tired of living in this country sometimes?

This is a serious question.


Random Fridays



  • Links
    • (Todays posts are super long but worth it!)
    • Swearing Off the Modern Man. Here
    • This is Water. Here
    • On Compromise. here
    • “Women For Gender Roles In Ghana” Protest Rice Cookers To Maintain Marriages. Here
  • Do you get tired of the rat race?
  • Of waking up, going to work, coming home…. the routine of it all?
  • Do you get tired of that routine?
  • If you do, what do you do about it?
  • Do you also think that love is the answer?
  • If love is not the answer, what do you think is the answer?
  • I have been thinking a lot this week.
  • I also made 26 muffin brownies.
  • Pretty proud of myself.

Have a lovely weekend.

And think about my questions.


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Things that have been happening lately

  • I dyed my hair maroon and it finally shikad!! I have been trying, without luck, to colour my hair. But finally… I did a demi permanent hair colour and I love it!
  • I have been watching make up tutorials on YouTube. I am really getting into it and I can’t wait to learn what works for me and then have a glamour shoot. One of the perks of having a photographer husband is having random photo shoots.
  • I shopped at Vitu Zote and the experience was pretty damn awesome. I will blog about this soon.
  • I am reading books I would otherwise NEVER read and I am learning so much.
  • I have realised that I have low patience for people with misplaced and ignorant “opinions”. Especially when they are loud about it. Nope. Not here for it!!

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Mother’s Day

I would have waited until Friday to post this on Random Fridays but I think it needs a post by itself.


The Love Of My Life

Take your time savouring it.


Browns Cheese – Lunches at the Farm

In March, my friend asked me whether we wanted to go for lunch at Brown’s Cheese factory. We had been planning to go for so long so of course we were game! On enquiring from the management, the next available date was May 2nd! Can you believe it?

Anyway, on Saturday at 12 noon, we reached Limuru for what I hoped was going to be an awesome plan.

We were not disappointed. It was amazing.DSC_7047

On arriving, we got welcome drinks which were alcoholic and non alcoholic. We were also given the starters which was the fried paneer and the cream cheese dip with chips. You guys, I don’t know what cream cheese dip was all about but it is the best thing I have tasted in a long time.DSC_7049

After this, we were given a small demonstration on how basic cheese is made. We were then split in two groups and taken for a tour around the factory. It was interesting to hear about how they make the cheese. Who knew Browns has been making cheese for over 30 years?DSC_7050

After the tour, we sat in the back and had the cheese sampler platters as above. They explained what each cheese was and they were accompanied by homemade crackers and bread as well as dip. One of the dips was Rhubarb based and it was so delectable.


This is not the Rhubarb dip but it was also not bad.

Included in what we paid was also wine. So for the lunch, you could have wine or one of the non alcoholic drinks.


By this time, I was so stuffed because of the starters and the cheese sampler but of course we still ate lunch. The main dish for me was chicken with pancake. It had some sort of sesame or peanut sauce that made me lick my lips. No lie. DSC_7119

After this, dessert was their homemade ice cream, which is sold under the brand “Delias”. You guys, I am not even kidding…….. the sorbet? Awesome. It is the best sorbet I have tasted on this side of Kenya. (Yuls still has better sorbet)


We also bought some of the cheese at factory price… which was an added benefit.


I had heard good things about Lunches at the farm and I was glad that it lived up to the hype. It was well worth the Kshs 3,600 per person that we paid.

I know some are wondering h0w I ate all that cheese with my lactose intolerance…. Well, I found pills that help digest lactase. They aren’t that cheap so I use them for special occasions such as this one.

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Yard Sale Invite – 9th May 2015 at Karura Forest (KEFET)


Please read this from my friend.

Originally posted on Njenva's Ramblings:

Yard Sale Poster

Welcome to the Yard Sale that will be held this Saturday (9th May 2015) from 9am – 3pm at KEFET Centre in Karura Forest. Home appliances, clothes, shoes, books, etc will be on sale. All proceeds from the sale will go towards Mrs. Nyaga’s cancer treatment. Some snacks will also be available for sale. Please circulate this invite to all your networks, this will be highly appreciated.
Any support towards this medical fundraising can also be sent via M-Pesa – Paybill number 891300, Account 4156.

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There was a time when I judged people based on which authors they read.

I call them the dark days when I was knee deep in ignorance and fake deepness.

Those were terrible times.

There is nothing cool about being a book snob.


I tweeted earlier in the year that I am looking to read more works written by women and even more written by Africans.

It has been a journey folks.

And I realised something….. Have you ever read a book and as you do, you are nodding your head because you can relate to it?

This, I believe, is what happened to many when they read Americanah. They could relate.

Let me tell you about capitalism, it pushes books to you for a purpose… not even because the book is good but because – MONEY. That is all there is to it.

And I think (which is my opinion), there are stories out there that we should actively search.

Stories that do not get the advertising revenue that they deserve but are important stories that matter to us as women. As Kenyans and as Africans.

Have any of you read Dust?


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