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Happy Anniversary

Three years ago today, the hubby and I were nervously waiting for our wedding ceremony to begin.

THREE YEARS! It seems amazing to me!

Whoever said time flies surely wasn’t kidding.

To my lovely hubby, thank you for putting up with my mild madness.

You are truly an amazing human being and I am the better for having you in my life!

This song will never grow old for us.

Thank you for loving me. And here is to many more years together.





You know what? I get it. We all want to be more. Potential, ego… etc

We want to be super successful, we want to have awesome families, drive fancy cars… we want to live super comfortable lives…. All the things they talk about in music and movies. The “good life”.

But you know what?

I CANNOT handle that pressure.


Sometimes when I see links to articles that tell us how to be successful, how to get the perfect body, how everyone else is achieving this or the other … and how to be MORE, I can’t take it.

Can I just BE?

Seriously…. can I just be?

Can I live life… my life? Without the formula?
I am getting pretty tired of the damn pressure.

I am giving myself permission to live MY life…. to be comfortable where I am…… “wing” it….. to make my mistakes……to just BE.

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Random Fridays


  • Links
    • The Family Feud Over Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy. Here (Long read but worth it)
    • This XYZ video. Kills me. Here
    • Archie will die. Here
  • Let me tell you guys something. You cannot listen to Adele when you are down.
  • You can slit your wrists yo!
  • So I have insomnia…. or basically, I cannot sleep through the night.
  • I keep waking up. And it is messing up my mojo like crazy!
  • I read online that cucumber and aloe vera juice helps.
  • At this point, I am willing to try that! Only that the price of aloe vera juice is pretty steep!
  • But I bought myself a handbag because sometimes you have to make yourself happy.
  • In the past week I have baked zucchini, fruit and carrot cakes and also brownies.
  • I need a cheaper hobby. Anyone?
  • I am sending it out to the universe that I am sorry I ever doubted the awesomeness that Twitter can sometimes be.

Have a lovely weekend. I am off to a traditional wedding out of town! WOOP!

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Money, Money, Money

If you marry when you have already become used to dealing with money in a certain manner, I think it can be quite the juggle to decide how you will deal with it in marriage. Of course this is my opinion (as opposed to a truth) based on my own experience and of those I have observed.

However, I cannot underscore the need to discuss how finances will be handled in the marriage. Again, things change and I can even tell you from our own situation that how we handled finances in 2011 is not how we are doing it currently. But I think it is important to open those channels of communication earlier on. As opposed to later.

As I always say, there is no formula that will work for everyone….. Not everyone can sit at the end/beginning of the month and discuss budgets and whatnot. Not everyone can save say 30% of their salary. Situations are different and like with most everything else – find what works for you. But find something.


Happy Wednesday.

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I have lots of energy this morning. Mostly because for the first time in like 5 days, I slept through the night.

No idea why I had issues sleeping but I am GLAD to have had that sleep last night.


I didn’t have a post scheduled for today so I am just going to leave this here and wish you all a good day!


Random Fridays



  • Links
    • 10 old fashioned dating habits we should make cool again. Here
    • Women’s representatives are an unmitigated disaster: Has quantity trumped quality? Here (Dr. Nyairo is my shero)
  • Pears are in season you guys! Next to mangoes they are one of my favest fruits.
  • So I made the most awesome Zucchini cake. And then I made fruit cake.
  • Baking really is my thing… the thing I do to calm down!
  • I did a better job of sharing my spoils this time though.
  • Man… Aaliyah! Love her!
  • Lyrics have a way of making me so emotional.
  • And perhaps that is the number 1 reason music these days does not remotely resonate with me.
  • I read on tumblr that they are trying to whitewash the history of hip-hop.
  • Well…. if I was asked, these black musicians then need to do better music yo!
  • TUPAC!

Great weekend guys. My mum sent a text about “lady’s day out” (her words). HE HE. So that is my plan for kesho.


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