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Cleaning Out the Closet


Source: Becoming Minimalist

Two things before I begin this post:

  1. Last month we had champagne whisky brunch at my cousin’s place. He told us that he is not a hoarder. Verbatim he said that he gets rids of excess stuff so God can bless him with more. I was moved by those words.
  2. I always claim that I am not a hoarder because the truth is, for the most part, I am not. But I have clothes from 2002. Which cannot fit. And I still keep them.

Now onto the post:

In June, I wrote some goals for myself and have it up on our notice board for accountancy purpose. All goals are related to clearing up the house:

  • Clear out the closets of clothes we can’t/don’t wear, shoes that are too old and other clothing we are holding onto for no reason.
  • Arrange the DVDs [when you are getting DVDs for 50 bob – you never know how to store them so you keep them in an envelope in the office and that is just not organisation in my opinion]
  • Give away handbags that you have never carried or you will never carry.

There is a habit that I have of buying things and then never using them. Like I have this clutch bag that I got that I have never used. EVER. It is three years later and for real, I need to just give it away. Which is totally my plan.

It is even more amazing that I got rid of a lot of stuff when I was moving from my folks digs to my marital home. But I still have stuff that I should totally not be having in my possession.

Example 1:

(I have had these shoes since 2003 – Don’t hate … I was a serious tomboy back in the day!!)

I know where I made the mistake: I was not ruthless enough. I kept things for sentimental purposes!!

So how am I executing ruthlessness?

  • I am not doing it all in one day [I gave myself one month to do it and its been an interesting one so far].
  • I tackle one wardrobe/drawer at a time.
  • I give myself time to reminisce about some of the clothes/shoes/handbags and then I come to the conclusion that is indeed better if I gave it to someone else who will use the stuff more [I have a couple of shoes that pinch my toes – I so should not be having such things in the closet].
Wish me luck guys!

14 thoughts on “Cleaning Out the Closet

  1. LOL! You used to rock Timberlands? That was serious tomboy swag. And I have never seen this type of Timberlands, I’m used to the boot type. Are Timberlands bisexual? OOOO… I love Timberlands! I could waste a day talking about them.

  2. I have an idea. Some time ago my friends and i had a swap party, that is party where all guests come with stuff they don’t wear or use anymore and someone sees something they like and take( swap) it worked great. you should try that too.

  3. If you go with B’s idea above, I want IN! I have so many things that I need to get rid off. Including love letters sent to me while in High School. And my tricycle. Yes, the tricycle I got when I was 5 years old.
    Aki si I love your Timbalands!!! Woi, I wish we were the same shoe size. I would so rock those boots with an office suit. Unique, huh?:-)

  4. I am a hoarder!

    I have my nursery school classwork and exams plus the report forms, Hubby has Tees he bought back in campus and he is hoarding them as long as am hoarding my stuff.

  5. Ciiku by the way did you ever finish clearing out the guest room?

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