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Goals Versus Resolutions


Is there a difference between goals and resolutions? YES!!

According to the wiki dictionary

  • Resolution refers to a firm decision to do or not to do something.
  • Goal refers to the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

So now I do not have any resolutions for 2014 (this is my default response when anyone asks me).

I do have goals though. Goals that I have been marinating over but have procrastinated. Been lazy. Been scared.

Just random thoughts that may be goals but definitely not resolutions:-)

  • To show love continuously: To my husband, my family and my friends. Call them, visit them. Whatsapp is not enough. Neither is email!
  • To resign from my job.
  • To save enough to travel to the US this year. *fingers crossed*
  • To finally finish reading Atlas Shrugged. I WILL DO IT!!
  • To pay more attention to the NSE.
  • ETC

As for the blog – I really feel the need to be completely honest and open with you guys. I have realised that there is a tendency on social media to only show what we want people to see, the good things. Sometimes, I even delete posts. You guys may not realise this but I really self censor because of how anonymity makes commenters bold – bold enough to talk nonsense. And I have made it a skill to avoid such situations, even on twitter.

However, I need to be fearless! And be the kind of blogger I was once! AARRGGHH! I am woman, hear me roar…:-)

I hope to try and be truthful. I also will try and blog more because I kinda fell off the wagon towards the end of last year.


5 thoughts on “Goals Versus Resolutions

  1. I like!

    I have been struggling in making up my mind about resigning for months now and last week, I made up my mind, made a timeline and its going to happen, soon.

    Its about time you finished Atlas Shrugged😉

  2. Coincidentantly i have been thinking the same thing about the whole resolutions thing.I don’t resolutions and now i have an even better response to peeps who keeping asking me what 2014 resolutions are😉

  3. Loving your goals and your decision to be fearless😀.

  4. “I am woman, hear me roar” love it!

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