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A while back, someone asked me to blog about how to plan for travel and how we did it and whatnot.

This was also another way which I was self censoring (see yesterday’s post) because I chose not to blog about it. For reasons that seem fickle right now. But let me not dwell on negatives!


That is my life. If I could do it more often than we do, it would be awesome but I am pretty happy we do it as we do. And I am glad that I have the funnest travel companion because he makes it so much better. Even better is being married who enjoys travelling as much as I do.

So how do we do it?

Well, it is a combination of factors but one thing that is important is: we decided early on ONE BIG TRIP a year. The Honeymoon to Bangkok in 2011, Capetown/Jo’burg in 2012 and Dubai last year. Then we mix in the local (cheaper) travels throughout the year.

1. Set the goal early in the year.

Usually, for the “big trip” we decide early on which country to go to and then start budgeting based on estimates online. Saving comes in next and we have a separate account for this. Because if you use your usual account, it is very easy to use the money on something else. This is what works for us. It may not work for you so you need to find a way to make it happen.

2. Book early enough

The earlier you book, the cheaper it usually is. Unless it is high season. But even then, you may still get a cheaper deal. Also, we use a travel agent. Not because it is cheaper but because we get to pay in installments. Which sometimes comes in handy.

3. Use situations to your advantage

Sometimes, things happens that opens windows for you to travel. For example, I had to go to Nyeri for work. Babes had never been. Therefore when work was done on Friday, he drove up to Nyeri and we made a weekend of it.

4. Keep an eye out for deals.

There are many deals out there. I know Rupu has some (local deals) and so do others like Bonfire (I had a not so good experience with Bonfire but that is just me). If you keep your ears and eyes open, you will not miss something that would work for your budget.

5. TripAdvisor is your friend

Familiarise yourself with hotels – read reviews and research before deciding on where to stay. I have made it a point to leave a review to help those thinking of staying at a hotel.

6. Low season is also your friend

Did you know April/May is low season in Bangkok? Or that if you go to coast in June, you will be so surprised at how cheap it will be? I remember telling people that we paid 56,800 for the both of us to FLY to Malindi and sleep at Hemingways. For THREE nights (and we were upgraded to a suite!!!). It was during the low season.

There are many more things but this is what came to me!:-)

6 thoughts on “Travelling

  1. Will be checking with you on when low season is. Coz hii mambo ya high season can cost more than 4 times a low season

  2. Hi Ciiku,
    Could you recommend a good reliable travel agent please?

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