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Random Fridays



  • Links
    • 7 Dating Trends That Should Stop Immediately. Here
    • If you want to expand your knowledge on African music. Here (Watch the videos please… such a treat)
    • The power of words. Here
    • No Traction. Here (Awesome read)
    • It matters who you marry. Here
  • My 2014 Random Fridays pic? You like? DUBAI! AH!
  • I will (hopefully) blog about that trip soonest.
  • And yes, I am aware I am yet to blog the Mombasa trip.
  • I am loving that it is still light outside at 6 pm. Enjoy the sunsets people!
  • I am loving that the weekend is here.:-)
  • I am loving that plums and mangoes are in season. Yum!
  • I am loving my new speakers!
  • Music is awesome you guys.

Have an amazing weekend!

2 thoughts on “Random Fridays

  1. hey ciiku, I have been a silent reader on your blog and today’s random fridays is quite special I just had to break the silence. Cant wait for the next blog. Before i forget i have been catching up on your older entries from your other blog ciiku weds and I hope when my time comes it will still be up.very informative.

    Have a blessed week

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