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Recommendations – Kenya

I would NOT recommend any of the following TEN service providers/products to you my kind readers:

  1. Orange Internet – They are crooks and their customer service sucks!
  2. Haandi Restaurant – The portions are little and the price is high
  3. Nakumatt – Unnecessarily expensive [But they are so organized and everywhere… that’s the power they have… urgh!]
  4. Java Capital Centre – The food tastes funky – And I am not the only one who says so.
  5. Habesha – Fake Ethiopian food
  6. Chicken Inn Chicken – For real…. and I do not mean this because of KFC… even before KFC their chicken was sub-par.
  7. Steers Icecream – That ish is tasteless
  8. Afia Juice and Mt. Kenya Water – The juice is just chemical and I can’t even begin to describe how fake this water is. Do not buy it[and I know I have dissed two Kevian products but I am writing about my preference]
  9. Sasini Coffee – It’s the cheapest for a reason [because you have to put a TABLEspoon for it to remotely taste like coffee
  10. The Junction Food Court – If you have been there, you know what I mean.
Couple of things
  • Yes, I am aware that the list if full of food but I gave myself a goal to write TEN things and it is what came to mind.
  • Speaking of the Junction, they have started charging for parking. Kshs 40 per hour. And that my people, is MADNESS! Call me a cheapskate but I can tell you, those long dinners I used to have at Java Junction are OVER!
  • KAPS is laughing all the way to the bank for sure! I am curious, does charging for parking affect the number of people who frequent a mall? Someone should do a study – cause I can tell you, it affect me a-lot!

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